Thinking homes

When we asked, consumers said they most wanted the lighting system to read their minds...

...and that is just what we specialise in


We make your homes think for you...

VANORA Robots incorporates Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms into bespoke products for living spaces (offices, homes, shopping centres, restaurants etc). The company aims to further improve your lifestyle, health & safety standards and save you more time and money in the process. Every project is custom designed to your requirement and tastes. However we do follow strict British Standards for quality control. And since all the two founders love anything classy and stylish, you can be sure of products that look beautiful and are easy to use.

Home Lighting Automation

Theft Prevention System

Cabinet Lighting System

Home Theatre System

Custom Robotics

Robotic Furniture

Our team

In 2012, two men met in the University of York in England. They were from different backgrounds of undergraduate study but they discovered they shared a few common interests - a deep respect for technology and its power to transform lives, a passion for innovation and a desire to start their own companies and work for themselves. Their ideas eventually led to the creation of VANORA Robots, a company that combines architecture with robotics.

We are looking for like minded people to guide and support us with this patent pending disruptive innovation

We are hiring...

Field Sales Associate

The sales associate will be responsible for providing field sales support within the assigned geography, while working towards a career growth within the company. This post will also require the individual to work parallely with the business development team and the marketing team, to improve the field sales efficiency and develop creative ways of selling.

Regional Sales Manager

We are looking for a Regional Sales Manager to expand our customer base and achieve sales quotas. You should also be able to set profitable goals. Our ideal candidates combine excellent communication skills with a strategic mindset.

Business Development Manager

We are looking for an ambitious and energetic Business Development Manager to help us expand our clientele. You will be the front of the company and will have the dedication to create and apply an effective sales strategy.


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